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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

 Wedding Photography
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We are Maria and Ricardo, we are wife and husband and the heart behind the pictures.  

We are based in Nyc and shoot wedding all around the US and abroad but we are originally from Spain and Puerto Rico.

Maria is your photographer and all the images are taken and edited by her.

Ricardo is your videographer and runs the business and makes sure everything goes as it should. There is a lot going on behind the scenes ! 

Our photography is bold and creative, aiming to tell stories and document the real moments. We are more than happy to shoot a few formals and we always look forward to the bride and groom sessions. It is a great chance to get some amazing images of you both together. Let's embrace it :) 

 inspirational wedding photography and videography services

Not your typical wedding photographer and videographer here.

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Nice to meet you

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We are a storytellers who consider the small moments to be the crucial ones. We're not only here to take pictures. We can do everything for you, such be your buddy, hype friend, coffee deliverer, dress bustler, wedding party herder, and boutonniere pinner. Just as much as your guests are present, we are there to celebrate you. 


For us, having trust is really crucial. We must get along if we want to get real, true, raw images. My method is SO intentional at every stage. When our connection is based on trust, you may be more open and have more authentic, true-to-you moments that you'll want to cherish for years. 

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You're most likely here because you've never thought that a grand ballroom wedding would be appropriate for you. Why should your wedding day be any different from your incredibly eventful life? Let's throw away all the customs you don't like and create a day you'll be excited to share with your future offspring! 

Elopements provide couples the flexibility to completely focus on their love story and how they want to celebrate a lifetime commitment to one another, which is one of the reasons we enjoy them so much. 

Let us carry your bouquet while we up a mountain so you may exchange vows and delight in being WILDLY IN LOVE! 

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More than just amusing photographs, engagement photos stand as one of the first milestones in your wedding preparation process. This enjoyable, stress-free picture shoot serves as a practice run for the big day. You'll acquire the ability to strike a variety of attractive positions while simultaneously gathering material for your wedding website and save-the-date cards. 

You may also practice your wedding-day makeup during your engagement photos.

We create videos