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We are Maria and Ricky


We like images and videos that show emotion and aren’t too stiff. We’ll do a little bit of posing as we want you to be in the right light that’s flattering. We want you to laugh and smile and enjoy.
The core images that make up our portfolio are the dramatic couple shots that we do in probably 20-30 minutes. Throughout the rest of the day, we love capturing the moments that are happening.

We are aware of how our presence may affect a moment so sometimes we are ninjas, and sometimes we need to encourage the interaction to get the most out of it. We are relaxed, but we still pursue the images and videos we really want to get.
We like talking to our customers and helping them feel comfortable and having a good time ourselves, we know how we appear on the day can affect the vibe of the day.

The technical aspects of photography and videography are very important to us and our customers love that. We want images showing movement, emotion and a beautiful moment. We want our images and videos to be well composed, sharp, and have lovely processing to boot.


We are here to be a mix of an additional bridesmaid + your cruise ship director + your therapist. Our main goal is to put you at ease so you can soak in all the details and best moments. timeline help, bridesmaid drama, mimosa maker, bobby pin holder- whatever you need, we are there. YOU sit back and soak in the fact that you are marrying your best friend! weep weep weep!

This or That




Born and raised in Puerto Rico, before he got into wedding videography , he spent 5 years in the U.S. Navy. He started with travel films, and gradually started getting more and more into it, which brought him to the wedding niche!
"There is just something about the energy surrounding the biggest day of two people's lives. Sometimes I hide in bushes timing a surprise proposal or you can find me doing the robot on the dance floor as I capture grandpa breaking it down to brick house. Doesn't matter what part of life you're in, every moment deserves infinite remembrance. I believe everyone's love story is epic and deserves to be preserved in a way that can be relived over and over, which is why videography is so important!"

Maria Martinez


Born and raised in Spain, she has lived in more than 7 countries around the world.
She always loved photography but didn’t actively pursue as a career until she found herself as a university graduate with a day job that didn’t allow for creativity.
"I'm all about capturing love, timeless portraits + candid moments for laid-back + adventurous lovers. My unique style is journalistic photography, capturing moments as they unfold in the areas of portraits, engagements, weddings, elopements + just about anything to do with love + people. I’m constantly capturing real moments + creating art as I adventure all over the world. I strive to take photos that evoke emotion + take you back in time"

Ricardo Carranza


Meet The Team



Photographer/ Videographer

"I was born and raised in Thailand refugee camp and capturing all the moments and being able to freeze time is my favorite thing to do. After picking up my first point & shoot camera. I had realized I love to document raw moments of laughter, smiles loves, tears and have been doing it ever since"




"I am a self-proclaimed Virginian after moving when I was eight years old. Since 2012, it has been my life’s work to create heartfelt photographs for couples looking to preserve the honest moments and palpable excitement that is their wedding day. I believe every client deserves to have their story told through visual narration. The belief in genuine adoration of these stories is the reason I do what I do"


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