When you lock in this gal for your wedding,

you’re gaining more then just your average wedding photographer

We seriously could not be more thrilled you stumbled upon our little corner of the interwebz! Whether you found us through Instagram, a Facebook link or Google, you are in for a treat! we don’t want to be cliche and say we do things different, like every other photographer or videographer in the business, … but we are going to. Truth be told, we like to think we offer something fun, unique and memorable. Our brand is all about vulnerability, honesty, communication and not taking life too seriously. And that starts with US. If you are saying to yourself "These couple seems fun and I don't mind this hot mess express because we vibin' and I can relate, then let's do this damn thing!

We love all our tradition weddings, but our wanderlust soul and nomadic personality are tugging at our heartstrings and the adventures are calling our freakin’ NAMES! We are dividing our brand to more elopement based experiences and we are fully aware of the amount of involvement and planning that goes into making these soooo special, and you know what they say. “It only takes one person to change your life.” Will that person be you?

As much as I love shooting big weddings, Elopements have taken up a big space in my heart the past few years. Elopements are adventurous, stress free and personal. Vow to forever in the deserts of Southern California, on a cliffside in Big sur, the rugged coastline of Italy or hike out to taft point in Yosemite. No matter the intimate celebration you’re planning I want to be apart of capturing the adventure. 


Elopements are usually 20 guests or less and most elopements are just the couple so you’ve probably don’t even know where to start planning one. I’ve got you covered! Along with all my elopement packages I offer elopement planning help to make sure we customize your dream wedding day to fit your vision. I also help my couples with permits , vendor recommendations ..etc to make the whole process even easier for them.


That's the best thing about elopements is you can make them sweet and simple or make them a fun filled busy day filled with your favorite activities. Elopement coverage can span a whole eight hours , a simple two hours or even a whole weekend camping in a national park. It’s totally up to how many things you want to do and how much you want to be photographed. I will say the sweet spot for elopement coverage for my couples in the past has been 3-5 hours of coverage. No worries if you can’t decide on how much coverage you want! We can always chat all your ideas through and I can give you a rough timeline to give you a better idea on how much coverage you’ll need.