5 Reasons To Consider A First Touch For Your Wedding!

Have you considered doing a “first touch wedding photo shoot” right before your destination wedding ceremony? Never heard of it? I’ll tell you all about it because it’s a great alternative to the increasingly popular trend known as the “first look”.

A “first look” is when the couple steals a few moments to themselves before the wedding, just the two of them…and their photographer. There are many arguments for and against “first look photos” and only you know what’s right for you. I’ve never interviewed a couple on this blog who has regretted their first look photos. Most brides/grooms loved having those few special moments before the ceremony to connect privately. And there is no doubt that the photos are always emotional and stunning! But while some people love them, there are others who hate first look photos.

I’ve always been torn regarding this topic. Yeah, the photos are great but there’s no way I was personally doing a “first-look” when I got married. I’m non-traditional when it comes to almost everything – except that. I could not wait to see my groom’s expression as I walked down the aisle dressed in white. The anticipation built as I got closer and closer. And the look of awe in my hubby’s eyes just minutes before we became one, is something I’ll never forget. I’m sure the moment was equally special for those who had a “first look”. But you know… different strokes for different folks.

My point is that first looks are not for everyone. So if you’re torn about whether or not you want to have a first look, I want to introduce you to a great alternative: The “first touch” wedding photo shoot. A “first touch” is when you steal a few moments to yourselves before the ceremony but the groom doesn’t actually see you. Sometimes the couple will simply stand on opposite sides of a door, hold hands and bask in the moment. Other times they’ll read a sweet note to each other, or they’ll just take comfort in being together and taking in the enormity of the moment, free of distractions.

I LOVE first touch photos! That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the most creative and moving first touch photos I’ve published on Destination Wedding Details to show you that there are other options if you’re not into the idea of seeing each other before the ceremony.

1) You’ll Still Get To Spend More Time With Your Boo.

You think you’ll be able to send time together, but in reality you’ll be pulled from left to right, you’ll entertain your guests and by the end of the night you’ll be like “oh wait we didn’t even eat dinner together” Lol. So having this time whether a First Touch or a First Look helps you have some more time together.

2) This Is Way More Exciting Because You Add The Mystery Element To It.

You’re with each other but aren’t allowed to peek! And it’s still an emotional and meaningful moment, maybe even more than a first look. This may also call to be creative and have fun with it!

3) Keep The Tradition

This is an amazing thing if you want to keep the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony but still want to share an intimate moment before all eyes are on you, which is what I had wanted.

4) You’ll Get More Portraits! A.K.A. More Photos/Videos!

Obviously when there’s more time with the bride and the groom, the photographer/videographer gets more coverage!

5) You Can Share Your Personal Vows During This Time.

Or maybe play the guitar and sing a song. If you feel anxious about sharing all your feelings to a whole crowd you can exchange gifts, letters or a prayer here!


Ultimately, I would only encourage you to do what works best for BOTH of you. If neither of you want to spoil the moment when you see each other for the first time walking down the aisle but you still want an intimate moment together, this works! If you’re down to do a first touch but worried about the camera noises or having someone hovering over you lol, the photographer/videographer can capture it from a far so you can enjoy being in the moment. It’s whatever is most important to you and there’s no pressure! I hope this helps!

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